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A modular cube used for science experiments in microgravity platforms

We ease development & implementation of research and scientific experiments

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Space Platforms optimized for unique conditions & each case. Allowing increased chances to unlock unique discoveries.

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Hundreds of experiments thrive thanks to microgravity research.

Orbital Space Technologies 
pioneers space technologies in LATAM with agility and expertise, cultivating scientific breakthroughs & innovation that enable us to create custom solutions in various industries, such as

The industries above benefit from any of our microgravity offerings

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We offer access to specific ISS modules designated for space experimentation, as well as future commercial space labs
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SubOrbital flights offer a momentary journey to microgravity. Allowing us to offer rapid turnover times for a lower cost. These flights prove invaluable for validating and enhancing equipment.
Let's Work Together In-House Experts
At Orbital Space Technologies, we tap into the vast knowledge and talent of top experts in Engineering and Biology. With the ability to conduct experiments here on Earth, we tailor our solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Our latest project

Fusarium Race 4 is risking banana plantations around the world. 

This includes thousands of people dependent on bananas, a billion dollar supply chain and even economies of whole countries.

Unleashing the potential

Of space research

Our tailored solutions are developed in close collaboration with experts & clients, allowing us to deliver optimal platforms through an innovative problem-solving approach that helps us push the boundaries of space exploration. We innovate on reliable, cost-effective solutions that will bring value to all life on Earth. 

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